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Our Approach

At Nettles & Petals Design we are devoted to dynamic and forward thinking landscape and garden design, looking to forge connections between people and place. We do not limit ourselves to one style of garden as no two gardens are exactly the same. Some people love plants and enjoy spending time looking after them. Others want the easiest, quickest option, with the minimum of maintenance.

What’s important is that you must be able to use your garden as you want, that it should be a beautiful space year round and change with the seasons, somewhere for you, your family and friends to spend time in and enjoy.

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  • Nettles Petals Design
  • Nettles Petals Design

Garden Design

Let our dedicated, creative, professional approach help you to envisage a stunning, interesting garden, providing you with a wonderful useable space. From tiny urban courtyards up to acres of country estate. Nettles & Petals Design can produce an inspirational design for you, providing an outside space that is both beautiful and functional.

It is important that we work closely with you, the client, to gain a definitive understanding of your needs and requirements for the garden, along with the style you wish to achieve. This is by way of a clear client brief and close communication throughout the design process.

  • Nettles Petals Design
  • Nettles Petals Design
  • Nettles & Petals Design Planting Plan
  • Nettles & Petals Design Planting Plan
  • Nettles & Petals Design Planting Plan

Planting Plans

Nettles & Petals Design is vastly experienced in advising, creating and implementing wonderful planting schemes within your garden. By taking into consideration your preferred style, soil type, aspect and maintenance requirements. High quality plants are sourced from established nurseries that we have a long standing relationship with, creating the crucial and uplifting soft landscaping aspect of your garden, enhancing your outdoor space, and establishing a visually stunning effect.

It is the planting that creates the most impact, from traditional herbaceous borders and classical topiary right through to cutting-edge contemporary planting schemes, our artistic and creative approach will help you achieve this ambition.

Border Refresh

Nettles & Petals Design offer a border renovation and planting service, to help rejuvenate and improve a tired part of your garden. Trees, hedging, shrubs, perennials, annuals and bulbs can complete your garden to enrich your outdoor space.

Consideration is taken into account of your preferred style, heights and spread, colours and seasonal interest, climate, aspect, soil conditions and cultivation requirements of the plants. Plants are selected carefully to reflect your own preferences as well as the nature of the site. Time available for maintenance post planting whether by yourselves or your gardener is another important part of this process.

Planting plans are produced and plants selected, sourced and then planted by our experienced team of gardeners. Irrigation can be recommended and installed if required. Soil improvements can also be recommended and carried out. A carefully considered maintenance plan will ensure plants can successfully establish and flourish.

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Garden Consultancy

If you are looking for inspiring, seasonal planting ideas, or ways to improve your outdoor space, we offer a comprehensive consultancy service. We will visit you on site, experiencing your garden first hand, enabling us to offer site specific advice. You will benefit from all our plant, garden design and landscaping experience. We will present different ideas and options, for example, from developing a low maintenance or drought resistance garden to a general assessment of current planting, and discussion of potential changes, helping you decide on the best way forward.