March 2019

Bringing Garden Designs to Life – The Build Begins

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I am writing this, as the first in a series of blogs. Showing the process of bringing one of our garden designs to life. From paper, through the construction stage and onto completion. You’re using a garden designer and after weeks of planning your garden with us, the build begins. Budgets have been set and [...]

International Women’s Day

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 on March 8th, I thought about writing this blog on a distinguished, female garden designer. It would have been easy to research and tell you interesting facts about that individual, but then in fact, I thought I would write about my own experience of being a woman in [...]

January 2019

Designing small outdoor spaces

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Gardens naturally come in all shapes and sizes yet designing a smaller outdoor space can sometimes pose a challenge. The same elements usually still need to be included from a clients’ wish-list, maybe seating, a dining area, possibly a water feature or sculpture and a seasonal planting scheme. It is about being clever with the [...]

November 2018

Wonderful Winter Pots and Festive Garden Ideas

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It’s not too late to think about some wonderful winter pots for your garden and not too early to think about some festive garden ideas! Whether you have a balcony, courtyard or large terrace, creative planting really can bring an interesting element to the cold, winter garden. Avoid the pansies and be bold. Evergreen grasses, [...]

October 2018

Gertrude Jekyll – Influential Garden Designer

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A Life Long Legacy Gertrude Jekyll left a life long legacy to all us keen gardeners, whether embarking on gardening as a hobby or a career we have so much to be thankful to this astonishing woman.  Born on November 29th 1843 in Mayfair, Jekyll (pronounced “Jeekell”) attended Henry Cole’s School of Art. A natural [...]

September 2018

Bulbs, that time again… let’s make plans….

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Bulbs, so we've reached that time of year again as our seasons now change. The garden starts to dissolve into various shades of brown or, dare I say it, yellow… as we move gently from summer to autumn. We are all busy, but it’s that time of year again, let’s make plans. Planning ahead is always [...]

Cutting back your garden, autumn axe or spring shear?

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What's the best approach for cutting back your garden? Seasonal interest is always top of our clients’ requirements in regard to the planting, once the garden has been built. We work closely with our clients to ensure a detailed brief is set. This is agreed with visual boards, sketches and plant lists, all alongside clear [...]

Accessorising your garden

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As a nation, we love to accessorise our homes and accessorising your garden should be no exception. We find once the new garden has been built from our design plans, the plants go in and completely transform the whole space. The inevitable noise, mess and disruption of the build is over. Finally some soft, gentle green [...]

August 2018

Glamorous pickings, cut, cut and flower again

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After time and effort spent in your garden, it is such a delight to bring your blooms into the house. Nothing can be more true than the glamorous pickings of blousy dahlias. After the last frosts have passed, planting dried up looking, brown dahlia tubers in May, it is hard to believe that anything so [...]